Our firm strives to provide long term investors superior after tax returns with minimal risk through cautious investing with active and proactive management.

We invest in companies with strong balance sheets, stable franchises and trusted management that are dedicated to growing dividend payments. Dividend growth increases your personal yield as well as the share price, a double win for the investor.

Our portfolio is invested in 30 stocks, which are diversified amongst industry sectors, and globally to minimize risk.

·Each client is unique and deserves their own specific investment plan based on their tolerance for risk and long term objectives.

·We would rather err on the side of caution than chase chancy returns.

·We use a combination of ETF's (for sector exposure), solid established dividend paying stocks (for long term tax efficiency and risk control) and a laddered bond portfolio for conservative clients.

·We focus on fewer high net worth clients and offer highly personalized service.

·We work to educate you the client, to help us manage your investments and to help you understand where your money is going

·We review all investments diligently, and run weekly screens on dividend paying stocks and the top 114 most liquid ETF's.

·We use Fidelity Investments as our custodian. You receive statements directly from them monthly, and a full portfolio financial report from us every quarter.