Investment Philosophy

Our key Investment Philosophy and Tenants:

Core to our philosophy is that wealth is created and preserved by following a patient and disciplined plan that is focused on the long-term.

We view each client as unique and therefor design a portfolio specific to their investment plan. We work closely with each client focusing on their long term goals, while developing a diversified asset allocation that matches their risk tolerance and long term return objective, while keeping costs and taxes as low as possible.

We are value-biased in our approach to portfolio management but will also look for growth stories at a reasonable price.

We have a strong preference for high quality stocks as a method of risk control against unexpected setbacks to the economy. History has shown that this is one of the best ways to not only retain ones wealth, but keep up with inflation, while taking prudent risks.

Inherent in our approach is to not chase the markets flavor of the day. We would rather err on the side of caution than chase high risk speculative trades. We prefer to be buyers when equities are “on sale”.

We strive to identify key catalysts and focus on strategies that have proven to be robust over the long term and through a variety of full market cycles i.e. bull and bear markets.

We view risk as permanent or sustained loss of capital and not due to temporary market fluctuations.

We strive to minimize transaction costs and portfolio turnover also maximizing tax efficiency.

We set up portfolios with a conservative bias and rebalance regularly to control risk.

Let’s Work Together

We are an independent, private, family owned investment firm. There are no large wall street firms or banks attached to us telling us what to do. Customer service is our number one priority.