About Us


Lynx Capital Group Ltd is a family owned business which has been in operation since 1996 with integrity, visibility and high level of personal service. We are a fee only independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Ohio and Florida.

Lynx Capital works closely with each client to implement an investment portfolio designed to take into account their individual need for return, income and level of risk tolerance.  We focus on fewer high net worth clients so that we offer highly personalized service. We work to educate you the client, to help us manage your investments and help you understand how your portfolio is invested.

We offer a global perspective. We are service driven, transparent and engaged with clients when needed.

We offer varied strategies to build diverse portfolios that will stand up in different economic environments.

Each investment strategy is proactively monitored on an ongoing basis. We strive in all cases to keep investment costs low and for maximum taxation efficiency.

All of our portfolios are liquid, allowing clients to access funds at short notice if needed.

We provide each client with a clear, concise, customized quarterly portfolio report and market outlook. Each portfolio report is broken down by asset allocation, detailing portfolio composition and performance.

The Founder, Brian Chait has previous experience in the hedge fund industry and a multi-billion dollar portfolio Management Company.

Contacts & Partners

We have selected Fidelity as our custodian. Fidelity is privately owned and focuses on long-term success of all their stakeholders. You will receive monthly statements directly from them and can easily access your portfolio online.

Though we are a boutique firm, we have extensive contacts and sources in the brokerage and wealth management industry. We work closely with other money managers, large institutions and family offices are able to access some of the most experienced portfolio management professionals and analysts in various industries.

We spend more of our resources on research than firms much larger than us.

Our Team

Brian Chait is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of Rampart Funds and President of Lynx Capital Group, an independent portfolio and wealth management company formed in 1996. Mr. Chait has over 35 years of investment experience and brings a unique global perspective to long-term value investing on behalf of his clients.

Let’s Work Together

We are an independent, private, family owned investment firm. There are no large wall street firms or banks attached to us telling us what to do. Customer service is our number one priority.